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Bitcoin 08/07/21 19:00 by Best Owie
Bitcoin Drops 6% In 24 Hours, Why This Might Trigger A Bullish Rally
Bitcoin price has been fluctuating highly in the last week. Amidst news of bitcoin whales stocking up on bitcoin, the price jumped up past $34,000. Briefly breaking $35,000 yesterday afternoon before ...
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Bitcoin 03/07/21 00:00 by Tony Spilotro
Building The Case For A Potential Bitcoin False Bottom
Bitcoin price action is fickle lately, moving mostly sideways with a number of unsuccessful breakout attempts. The fact that $30,000 simply won’t break brings back memories of bear market suppor...
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Bitcoin 25/06/21 19:50 by Hououin Kyouma
Comparing Past Crypto Cycles Suggests Bitcoin Nowhere Near Top
Comparing past crypto cycles shows there is a clear pattern, and Bitcoin seems to be nowhere near the top right now. Bitcoin researcher Dor Shaher has pointed out on Twitter that there is consistency ...
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Bitcoin 20/06/21 10:44 by Olivia Brooke
Bitcoin Market Hits Neutral State: Bull And Bear Fight Brewing At The Same Time
New data from CryptoQuant has shown that the Bitcoin market might have hit a neutral position. There has been a recurring pattern of whale and retail selling taking place for the past months. The res...
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Bitcoin 20/06/21 00:22 by Brenda Ngari
Is $24,000 Bitcoin’s Next Stop? Robert Kiyosaki Warns Of Impending “Biggest Crash In World History”
On Friday, the price of bitcoin suffered a huge bout of downward pressure following statements from the United States Federal Reserve about the possibility of hiking interest rates very soon. BTC rea...
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Bitcoin 17/06/21 05:08 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Dips From $40K, Here’s Why Uptrend Is Still Intact In BTC
Bitcoin price started a downside correction from well above $40,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is now trading near a major support at $38,000, where the bulls are currently active. Bitcoin started a ...
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Bitcoin 02/06/21 18:53 by Tony Spilotro
Bulls Beware: Bears Have Only Now Taken Control Over Bitcoin
Debate surrounding if the Bitcoin bull market is over due to the recent correction is at a full boil, while many are already searching for a bottom of the current downtrend. Bulls must be careful not ...
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Bitcoin 20/05/21 15:54 by Olivia Brooke
An Insight Into Untold Events Of The 2021 Bitcoin Bull Market
The prices on the Bitcoin chart reflect a struggling Bitcoin, one that has been at the mercy of the decision of a large institution: Tesla. Bitcoin seemed to be gearing up for a retest at $60,000 bef...
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Bitcoin 17/05/21 22:06 by Reynaldo Marquez
Buying Bitcoin’s Dip? Here Is Why You Could Get Another Shot Below $40K
Lightning fast, like most things in Bitcoin and the crypto space, general sentiment in the market seems to have changed. The bears have taken over. BTC’s price has been bleeding and this time su...
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Bitcoin 17/05/21 14:53 by Anifowoshe Ibrahim
Bitcoin Price Dips Just Above $42,000 As Exchange Inflows Continues To Surge
Bitcoin price fell to a 3-month low earlier today retracing to $42,000 level which many believe was caused by Elon Musk’s recent Twitter meltdown, however, the price soon bounced off to rise abo...
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Bitcoin 03/05/21 15:47 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin And Cryptos Will Suffer A “Come To Jesus Correction”, Warns Veteran Trader Peter Brandt
Veteran trader and chart guru Peter Brandt seems convinced that a grisly price correction is inevitable. In a tweet on Sunday, the technical analyst warned that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ...
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Mining 21/04/21 21:15 by Tokoni Uti
Bitcoin Could Crash By 50%, Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd Warns
Few things get the crypto world excited like speculation and discussion about the current or future price of bitcoin. Whether it is a price rally that launches a million tweets talking about bitcoin ...
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Bitcoin 16/04/21 05:08 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Consolidates, Here’s Why BTC Could Surge Above $64K
Bitcoin price started a downside correction from the $54,900 zone against the US Dollar. BTC is now consolidating and it could start a fresh increase if it clears $54,900 Bitcoin is showing positive ...
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Bitcoin 30/03/21 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Heads Up: Bearish Bitcoin Technical Pattern Shouldn’t Be Shrugged Off
Bitcoin price is struggling to get back above $60,000 currently, but bears thus far have been unable to swat price action away from local highs. The push and pull between the two opposing market force...
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Bitcoin 24/03/21 17:19 by Bernice Nyambura
Bitcoin’s Ongoing Price Corrections Strikes Pause on Colossal Gains – Is the Bull Losing Steam?
Bitcoin’s bull run since last year has seen the top digital asset record massive gains and new all-time-highs despite going through multiple corrections. Bitcoin now holds a 7-day high of $59,01...
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Bitcoin 18/03/21 14:00 by Yashu Gola
Why Bitcoin Traders Shouldn’t Rule Out $40,000-Retest
Bitcoin has walked away from pursuing a lengthy downside correction repeatedly this year. The cryptocurrency’s run-up to $58,367 in February attracted a modest selling pressure as the price dipp...
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Bitcoin 17/03/21 13:30 by Adrian Klent
More Hands Willing to Buy Bitcoin Amid Second Major Bull Market Correction
As bitcoin makes the long-awaited correction to $50,000, a potential upside correction is imminent as a bullish pattern that could potentially send bitcoin breaking out $58,000 has formed. Following...
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Bitcoin 16/03/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bloody Monday: Yesterday’s Bitcoin Selloff Saw Record $1.6B In Liquidations
Bitcoin price fell yesterday by over 10%, and price action has been on a downward descent since. The selloff was in response to a variety of factors, including the introduction of a new ban in India, ...
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Bitcoin 14/03/21 14:08 by Adrian Klent
Huge Volume Of Buying Pressure Coming Into Bitcoin – Even At $60k
The long-awaited recovery, expected to push Bitcoin to a new all-time high, happened almost exactly as analysts’ predicted. The leading cryptocurrency would hit a new all-time high of $61,800 a...
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Bitcoin 05/03/21 23:00 by Olivia Brooke
Kraken Research Team Reveals Next Likely Peak For The Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin’s next peak may fall between $75,000 and $306,000 if the market imitates the same pattern recorded in 2011. This is according to Kraken’s new research which bullishly suggests that the Bi...
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Bitcoin 03/03/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Time To Be Careful: Why Traders Are Cautious On Bitcoin Right Now
Bitcoin price is back above $50,000 after a short-lived correction in the range below the key level. However, since the cryptocurrency has reclaimed the halfway point to $100K, open interest has skyro...
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Bitcoin 24/02/21 19:38 by Bernice Nyambura
MicroStrategy Buys the Bitcoin Dip, Accumulates an Additional 19,452 BTC for $1.026 Billion in Cash
The crypto market, led by Bitcoin, has been in a correction since 22 February when bitcoin fell from a high of $58,330 to a low of $45k, leading to hundreds of billions in losses and panic from unsea...
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Bitcoin 23/02/21 21:49 by Bernice Nyambura
Bitcoin On The Cusp Of Entering Unstable Phase – Here’s What to Watch
Bitcoin crashed by 17% on Monday from an all-time high of $58,330 on Sunday to below $45k. The dramatic drop in price has been attributed to massive selling pressure when the top coin approached the ...
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Bitcoin 22/02/21 15:46 by Luis Chira
Bitcoin Gives Up More Than $8k In Hours, Drags Crypto Market Down As Worries Over ‘High Price’ Surface
Whereas last week saw hype because of the $50k price tag being broken, Elon Musk’s tweets, and the first ETF market getting hot over Bitcoin and Ethereum, Monday markets opened with a sharp fall fo...
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Altcoins 21/02/21 06:28 by Aayush Jindal
Ethereum Retreats From $2K, Why ETH Remains Strong Above $1,850
Ethereum traded to a new all-time high near $2,040 before correcting lower against the US Dollar. ETH price is trading nicely above $1,850 and it is likely to continue towards $2,000. ETH price climb...
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Bitcoin 19/02/21 04:18 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Approaching Key Uptrend Support, Why BTC Could Revisit $52K
Bitcoin price started a downside correction from the $52,750 all-time high against the US Dollar. BTC is now approaching a couple of important supports near $50,500. Bitcoin topped near the $52,750 l...
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Bitcoin 18/02/21 12:29 by Yashu Gola
Binance Coin Explodes 45% on Heels of Bitcoin Bull Run; What’s Next
Binance Coin (BNB/USD) emerged as the best-performing asset among the top ten cryptocurrencies this week as traders measured its potential against a flurry of adoption-friendly updates. The fifth-larg...
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Bitcoin 17/02/21 04:18 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Claims $50K, Why BTC Could Continue Higher To $52K
Bitcoin price gained bullish momentum and broke the $50,000 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is holding gains and it seems like it could rise further towards the $52,000 level. Bitcoin broke the...
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Other 16/02/21 08:08 by Aayush Jindal
Charted: Polkadot (DOT) Rallies 10%, Why It Could Clear The $30 Hurdle
Polkadot’s DOT remained strong above the $25.00 support zone against the US Dollar. It is now trading nicely above $28.00 and it may soon surpass the $30.00 resistance zone. DOT started a fresh...
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Altcoins 14/02/21 07:08 by Aayush Jindal
Ethereum Remains Strong, Why ETH Could Soon Test $2,000
Ethereum traded to a new all-time high near $1,870 before correcting lower against the US Dollar. ETH price is holding gains and it is likely to accelerate higher towards $2,000. ETH price traded in ...
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