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Altcoins 20/07/21 00:11 by Reynaldo Marquez
Why This Token Thrives With A 38% Profit While Bitcoin And Ethereum Bleed
Algorithmic currency protocol OlympusDAO (OHM) has been outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum despite the recent downtrend. In the 7-day and 30-day charts, OHM records a 38% and 126% profit, respectively...
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Other 15/07/21 16:36 by News BTC
Why Does Business Need Decentralized Digital Ecosystems: Interview with DAO Consensus CEO Ilya Churakov
Ilya Churakov is the CEO of the global blockchain platform DAO Consensus, which aims to give businessmen around the world the opportunity for development and unlimited interaction. We asked Ilya a few...
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Other 15/07/21 10:34 by Eduardo PrĂłspero
ShapeShift Will Cease To Exist As A Company. It’ll Be Reborn In Another… Shape
In 2014, Erik Voorhees founded ShapeShift. By the end of 2021, ShapeShift will cease to exist as a company. It will become a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The owners of their FOX token...
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Other 11/07/21 15:54 by PR DESK
SUNC raises $6.3 million on Stage 1 – 4 Presale
SUNC has been having its presales a few times since June 15th, 2021. Lately, 6.3 million dollars has been raised through the presales stage 1 to 4. After July 12th, unsold tokens will be available to...
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Crypto 08/07/21 22:36 by Livine Sanchez
Gitcoin Announces Tezos Hackathon Series Following Tezos Integration
Gitcoin is happy to announce the integration of Tezos, one of the leading proof of stake networks into its platform. According to the announcement, this latest integration comes with numerous bene...
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Crypto 07/07/21 10:54 by BitcoinPrbuzz
1xBit Introduces DAI Stablecoin as a New Gaming Currency
7th July 2021, Limassol, Cyprus — Online crypto gambling site, 1xBit.com, has announced the introduction of DAI token as one of its betting currency options. This provides punters who love anonymou...
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Altcoins 04/07/21 01:33 by Asad Gillani
Polygon Opens Vault On MakerDAO, Commits $50 Million Worth Of Matic Tokens
Polygon has announced the integration of yield optimization vaults on the Maker Network. The blockchain-enabled protocol, formerly referred to as the Matic Chain, tweeted on Wednesday that it “w...
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Crypto 03/07/21 21:12 by Livine Sanchez
How Crypto Startup Moon Rabbit Explores Immortality?
As humans, we desire to explore immortality and attain longevity. It doesn’t matter if it will be discovered through science or applied philosophy, human wants to attain longevity and immortali...
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Other 01/07/21 08:46 by NewsBTC
MANTRA DAO Grants Viewers Inside Access with Reality-TV Style YouTube Series
MANTRA DAO ($OM) has brought reality TV to the cryptosphere with the launch of a weekly YouTube series taking viewers behind the scenes and into the organization’s Hong Kong office. Having shot ...
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Crypto 17/06/21 14:04 by Guest Author
DAO1 Announces Its Very First International Blockchain Hackathon
DAO1, an all-inclusive community-led financial blockchain ecosystem project, has finalized the dates for its very first International Blockchain Hackathon. The multi-stage event is scheduled to occur...
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Altcoins 15/06/21 20:27 by hououinkyouma29
Nearly 1% Of Bitcoin Supply Is Now Wrapped In Ethereum
As wrapped Bitcoin approaches 189,000 BTC, the leading form of BTC on Ethereum now makes up for nearly 1% of the total supply of the cryptocurrency. The total supply of WBTC was only around 4,000 coin...
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Altcoins 13/06/21 15:30 by Livine Sanchez
MahaDAO Picks Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon for Its Valuecoin ARTH
Indian blockchain infrastructure protocol MahaDAO is the latest to launch on a Layer 2 network, announcing its deployment on Polygon (formerly known as Matic). MahaDAO’s ARTH algorithmic stablecoin...
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Altcoins 11/06/21 22:21 by PR DESK
DAO Maker Reports New Usage Records For Its Strong Holder Offering (SHO)
DAO Maker, an investment platform that creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, announces the highest record of its Strong Holder offering (SHO) registration for Formation Fi,...
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Other 11/06/21 22:20 by PR DESK
HaloDAO Set To Hold Its Anticipated Initial DEX Offering (IDO) On June 24
HaloDAO, an extensive DeFi protocol for the creation of asset agnostic money fund networks worldwide, has plans underway for an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). The protocol will launch on Minimal Initial...
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Altcoins 10/06/21 11:51 by Guest Author
Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance gears up for Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker
Incentivization is one of the driving forces to attract participation in a decentralized economy. Pera Finance is an early-stage yield farming protocol that enables traders, liquidity providers, hold...
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Other 28/05/21 17:02 by Reynaldo Marquez
Decentraland Users Will Have More Power With New DAO
Decentraland (MANA) came into the spotlight when digital asset manager Grayscale included it in its array of products for institutional investment over 3 months ago. The Ethereum-based protocol allows...
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Altcoins 27/05/21 15:49 by PR DESK
Jigstack’s Native Token Gets Listed On HitBTC
Jigstack, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governing a portfolio of Ethereum network assets and protocols announced its listing on HitBTC. Being listed on the leading European cryptoc...
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Other 18/05/21 19:50 by PR DESK
SingularityDAO partners with leading decentralized data provider Ocean Protocol
SingularityDAO, a decentralized investment firm that simplifies access to the crypto economy, announces a new partnership with Ocean Protocol, a leading decentralized data provider primarily focused ...
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Other 17/05/21 21:17 by Guest Author
Announcing Sorceress, The Cross-chain Oracle for Polkadot
May 17th, 2021,  Moscow, Russia — From the Foundation of the Sorceress Project and IOBC, a team of prominent Polkadot developers announces the launch of the Sorceress Protocol, the first multi...
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Altcoins 12/05/21 20:32 by Guest Author
DAO1 Joins YFDAI Launchpad, Token Launch, and Uniswap Listing to Follow Soon
DAO1, a decentralized social, economic platform, becomes the latest addition to the YFDAI ecosystem. As per the announcement, DAO1 will be launching its native ER20 utility and governance token th...
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Altcoins 30/04/21 21:10 by Reynaldo Marquez
How This Bitcoin Pegged Token Could Protect Holders From Volatility
Anonymous analyst “Wezek Bruh” posted the main reasons why BadgerDAO and its native token pegged to Bitcoin, DIGG, could be a great opportunity for investors. Created as a rebase token, DI...
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Other 29/04/21 21:30 by Reynaldo Marquez
OlympusDAO Fundamentals Explode, How OHM Holders Will Benefit
In only three weeks OlympusDAO native token OHM has gone from $812 to $1639, at the time of writing. In the 30-day chart, the token has a 74.2% profit and a 55% profit in the 7-day chart. The protocol...
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Mining 28/04/21 19:48 by PR DESK
SingularityDAO Raises $2.7M in Private Sale Funding from Prominent Investors
SingularityDAO, an independent DeFi-centric project within the SingularityNET ecosystem, recently announced it has successfully raised $2.7 million during its private sale funding round.  Singula...
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Crypto 19/04/21 11:08 by NewsBTC
Top Three Staking Coins
After Smart contracts, Decentralized Finance could be seen as one of the most disruptive innovations the crypto industry has seen. No surprise it has pushed Ethereum back to the new all-time high. Jus...
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Other 10/04/21 23:08 by Reynaldo Marquez
Why this OlympusDAO’s product could be amongst DeFi most lucrative
Taking the market by storm, OlympusDAO’s native OHM is up 95.8% this week alone and 31.1% in the past two weeks. At the time of writing, OHM is trading at $812,76 with 7.3% profits in the 24-hou...
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Altcoins 31/03/21 19:14 by Livine Sanchez
DuckDAO Taps TRON To Further Enhance Its Cross-Chain Foundation
It is pertinent for blockchain ecosystems and DeFi projects to find common ground and focus on interoperability. A fractured landscape will not lead to the mass adoption of decentralized finance or c...
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Altcoins 25/03/21 22:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
ÂżGaming for profit? This Ethereum based protocol enables it
Conceived as a bridge between Bitcoin and decentralized finance on Ethereum, Badger DAO protocol has expanded its investment strategies. As of today, users will be able to profit from yielding NFTs by...
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Altcoins 15/03/21 17:51 by Livine Sanchez
Crypto Transfers Security Ramped up with ethbox IDO
Crypto adoption by mainstream investors is currently exponentially rising. A report by Robinhood, a trading app used by the modern layman investor, titled “Crypto Goes Mainstream” revealed that 6...
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Other 05/03/21 10:22 by Thomas Delahunty
Decentralized Companies Are the New Norm and It’s the DAO Revolution That’s Making It Possible
The way people work has continuously evolved over the past couple of decades, thanks to increased penetration of the internet and advancements in communication tools that continue to make remote work ...
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Other 13/02/21 10:13 by Guest Author
SpiderDAO Partners with PAID Network to Utilize Trustless SMART Agreements
SpiderDAO and PAID Network have recently joined forces to combine PAID’s SMART Agreements and Spider’s dual-governance DAO models. SpiderDAO will now be able to further strengthen all of its futu...
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