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Bitcoin 19/05/20 11:18 by Nick Chong
There’s an Unexpected Silver Lining to J.K. Rowling’s Bitcoin Tirade
For the longest time, Bitcoin has been branded “magical internet money” by both its critics and proponents. While this moniker is mostly used in a joking context, the crypto community got ...
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Bitcoin 19/05/20 09:31 by Brenda Ngari
Is Bitcoin Capable Of Attaining A Trillion-Dollar Market Cap Without Mass Adoption? One Analyst Thinks So
Most crypto observers have indicated time and again that mass adoption will be the key that launches bitcoin’s market capitalization to the trillion-dollar range. However, one analyst believes bitc...
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Bitcoin 18/05/20 17:59 by Tolu
J.K Rowling Probably Won’t Be Joining The ‘Bitcoin Community’ Anytime Soon
Novelist and author of popular Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling has announced to her 14.6 million followers that she now fully understands Bitcoin. This comes just a few days after Rowling indicated...
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Bitcoin 16/05/20 22:34 by Lorenzo Stroe
‘You’ll End Up Buying Bitcoin at $100k’ Author Jared Dillian tells J.K Rowling
The legendary author behind Harry Potter has recently asked about Bitcoin in a short Twitter thread. We reported the story yesterday, and it seems that plenty of people have responded to Rowling’s ...
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Bitcoin 16/05/20 11:55 by Olivia Brooke
Crypto-Twitter Explodes as Elon Musk Endorses Bitcoin Yet Again
Yesterday, popular British author J.K Rowling took to Twitter to express her difficulties with understanding the logic behind the world’s most talked-about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The cryptocu...
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Bitcoin 15/05/20 23:15 by Lorenzo Stroe
J.K. Rowling Is Interested In Bitcoin, How Will This Influence The Digital Asset?
Bitcoin is currently down to $9,200 as bulls are struggling to find any support levels. The digital asset took a massive turn today after breaking below $9,800. BTC seems to be in freefall now but re...
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Bitcoin 15/05/20 20:38 by Nick Chong
Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Asks: Please Explain Bitcoin To Me
It appears macro investor Paul Tudor Jones is not the only billionaire delving into Bitcoin. Today, J.K. Rowling — the billionaire author behind the popular book series “Harry Potter” ...
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