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Other 23/03/21 17:00 by Samuel Wan
Pomp Predicts Secondary Market for NFTs Will Drive Even Greater Demand
NFTs are all the rage at the moment. At the same time, some, including Mike Winklemann, AKA Beeple, have described the situation as a bubble. “I absolutely think it’s a bubble, to be quite...
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Bitcoin 31/08/20 10:51 by Bernice Nyambura
Winklevoss Twins Explain Why ‘Bitcoin Is Better At Being Gold Than Gold’
Gemini’s Winklevoss Capital recently presented a report arguing a strong case for Bitcoin as the ultimate hedge against inflation, despite its current undervalued status. The report compared bit...
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Bitcoin 18/07/20 08:52 by Brenda Ngari
3 Key Reasons This Renowned Finance Strategist Is More Bullish Than Ever About Bitcoin
Bitcoin faces numerous tailwinds despite extending its consolidation cycle. The king of cryptocurrencies has been trading in a very tight range in recent months after recovering from the mid-March...
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Bitcoin 02/07/20 08:50 by Liza Mazurina
Fund Manager Disproves Popular Stock-to-Flow Model Projecting Bitcoin At $100K By 2021
Last year’s March, a crypto analyst PlanB, who is now known primarily due to his Stock-to-Flow model, proposed a completely new perspective on predicting the price of Bitcoin. This popularized mode...
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Bitcoin 29/04/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
These Two Simple Factors Suggest Bitcoin is Highly Undervalued at Current Price
Many investors and analysts have been pointing to Bitcoin’s upcoming mining rewards halving event as a reason for why the benchmark cryptocurrency is fundamentally bullish, and it certainly is a pos...
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Altcoins 13/04/20 14:36 by John Kiguru
Analyst Mati Greenspan Explains Why BCH Failed Halving Pump Should Not Worry Bitcoin Investors
Bitcoin has started the week slowly. The digital asset is set for a retest of the $6,500 support in the coming hours. Although the latest plunge is to some investors another great chance to get Bitco...
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Bitcoin 16/12/19 17:38 by Joseph Young
Bitcoin Will Have a Lower Inflation Rate Than U.S., U.K., and Australia, and It’s Huge
The inflation rate of bitcoin will drop below that of the U.S., U.K., and other developed nations. For of a store of value whose value preposition relies on scarcity, it could appeal the asset to a br...
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Bitcoin 06/12/19 05:00 by Martin Young
Search Trends Indicate Interest in Bitcoin Halving Building
The crypto scene is pretty depressed in terms of overall interest at the moment. Markets have plummeted 50% in the latter half of this year and general attention appears to be waning. Google search tr...
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Bitcoin 04/12/19 05:00 by Martin Young
Bitcoin Dumps Again, Will BTC Halving Really Be Its Savior in 2020?
The chances of an end of year ‘Santa rally’ for Bitcoin are slipping away. Its half year down trend has been maintained and does not look like reversing before the year is out. All hopes are now b...
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Bitcoin 03/12/19 11:30 by Martin Young
Bitcoin to Drop Below Central Bank Inflation Rate at Halving, Will Prices Surge?
The halving narrative appears to be the only thing left to look forward to for bitcoin in the short term. At the moment there is little else driving BTC fundamentally, and sentiment has turned bearish...
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Bitcoin 21/11/19 18:02 by Christine Vasileva
Bitcoin Supply Less Than 18 Million Coins, Due to Locked Wallets
The supply of Bitcoin (BTC) is actually lower than the 18 million coins mined recently. This is due to coins that have not been moved in a long time, and other locked wallets. At least 1.5 million coi...
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