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Altcoins 15/07/21 21:00 by Hououin Kyouma
Ethereum Shows Deeply Negative Netflows As Exchange Reserves Fall
Ethereum netflows seem to be negative across all exchanges right now, as exchange reserves continue their downward trend. Ethereum Reserves On A Downtrend As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, ETH res...
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Crypto 15/07/21 13:24 by NewsBTC
Bitop Exchange – Powerful Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency Traders
Cryptocurrency has been a disruptive tool revolutionizing gaming, banking, gambling, and our financial systems. There has been a tremendous interest in the cryptocurrency world in the past few years. ...
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Altcoins 15/07/21 01:00 by Best Owie
Ethereum Whales Go On Buying Spree, Top 10 Addresses Now Own 20% Of All ETH
Ethereum price of Ethereum has recently fallen below the $2,000 mark in recent days. While some people may see this as something to be worried about, others see it as an opportunity to buy as many coi...
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Bitcoin 09/07/21 21:00 by Hououin Kyouma
Bitcoin Exchange Reserves Make A Downtrend, Are Whales Starting To Accumulate?
Bitcoin all exchanges reserve seems to be making a gradual downtrend, a sign that accumulation has been going on. The Bitcoin All Exchanges Reserve Goes Down As pointed out by a Crypto Quant post, the...
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Bitcoin 06/07/21 01:00 by Best Owie
Bitcoin Whales Accumulate 60,000 Bitcoins In A Day. What Happens Now?
Bitcoin whales have resumed accumulating coins in what has turned out to be the biggest Bitcoin accumulation event in 2021.  A number of Bitcoin whales addresses that currently hold a number of 1...
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Bitcoin 23/06/21 17:04 by Hououin Kyouma
Crypto Sonar: The Sign That Whales Are Accumulating Bitcoin
Whales are accumulating Bitcoin again, as per the data released by CryptoQuant that shows deeply negative BTC netflow. Yesterday, BTC dropped below $30k for the first time since the start of the year,...
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Other 06/06/21 18:05 by Livine Sanchez
How To Trade Smart In The DeFi World?
Decentralized finance continues to only gain steam within the crypto world. In Q1 2021 alone, the total value locked (TVL) in various DeFi protocols tripled – jumping to $46 billion. A year ...
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Crypto 03/06/21 23:49 by Collins K.O
Is Chinese Smartphone Giant, OnePlus Working On A Crypto Project?
A recent survey by smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, has fuelled increasing suspicion that the company is prepping up plans to roll out its native cryptocurrency and native wallet service to go with ...
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Crypto 28/05/21 19:40 by Livine Sanchez
How VPNs Can Fix Crypto Security Hitches
Assumingly, by now everybody is conversant with the ubiquitous bitcoin. If you have never heard of it, don’t worry. We’ll explain to you what it means. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. You may still ...
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Crypto 16/05/21 21:44 by Tokoni Uti
Samsung Galaxy Smartphones To Support Crypto Hardware Storage Device, Ledger
Cryptocurrency is becoming bigger than ever before and the last few months, in particular, have seen more and more people enter the crypto market, whether to invest or to use tokens as a form of day-...
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Crypto 15/05/21 09:55 by Taylor Scott
Samsung Adds Support For Hardware Wallets On Galaxy Devices
Samsung Electronics has added new support assets for blockchain users with hardware wallets this week. The move will impact mobile Galaxy owners, allowing them to use third-party hardware wallets with...
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Altcoins 08/05/21 18:16 by Livine Sanchez
Institutional Fund, AlphaBit Invests $5m in a Metamask Killer app for Bitcoin and Ethereum
Despite existing for a little over a decade, Bitcoin recently surpassed $1 trillion in market cap making it the 14th largest currency in the world. The concept and execution of the first peer-to-peer...
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Altcoins 06/05/21 18:25 by NewsBTC
OKEx Lists Chia Token (XCH), A Creation of BitTorrent’s Founder Bram Cohen
OKEx, a prominent crypto exchange and derivatives platform in the industry has announced the inclusion of Chia Network’s native crypto asset. The listing of XCH went live on May 3, enabling user...
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Altcoins 16/04/21 23:23 by Steven Msoh
Binance Burns 1M+ BNB, CEO CZ Reveals What’s Driving The Price Of The Token
Binance exchange has given its native token holders another reason to celebrate holding BNB. In its latest quarterly BNB burn, the exchange has set a record with a total of 1,099,888 BNB wiped out fr...
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Crypto 13/04/21 20:52 by Mark Hampton
What Are the Legal Challenges That Crypto Faces and the Way Out?
The popularity of the cryptocurrency space has catapulted to new levels in recent times. Apart from retail investors, institutional interest in the crypto space has grown massively. The next logical s...
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Bitcoin 09/04/21 13:22 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Selling Pressure is Declining, Hints Key Glassnode Indicator
Even as the bitcoin market shows signs of bullish exhaustion after logging a 1,500-percent-plus upside move in the previous 13 months, all is not lost. Investors with a long-term growth outlook still ...
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Altcoins 07/04/21 07:34 by NewsBTC
BazarSwap, World’s First Decentralized P2P Exchange for ERC20 Tokens Kickstarts Operations
The Ethereum blockchain has laid the foundation for the entire DApps revolution. Playing a major role in the industry’s growth are ERC20 tokens that fuel almost all projects that are built on to...
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Bitcoin 01/04/21 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Go Phish: How This Bitcoin Investor Lost 17 BTC To An iPhone App
Bitcoin is once again making headlines everywhere, mostly for all the right reasons this time around. However, where there’s money to be made, there’s also scammers waiting in the shadows ...
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Mining 19/03/21 13:11 by Guest Author
On-Chain Data Suggests $100k Bitcoin Price Imminent By EOY
Bitcoin has been trapped around the current market price for the past month despite hitting an all-time high of more than $60k. However, all fundamentals aspects point towards an imminent breakout. W...
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Altcoins 15/03/21 22:20 by Bernice Nyambura
Binance Smart Chain’s Activity and Volume Outperformed Ethereum’s in February – Here’s Why
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) increased its unique active wallets by 266% and generated $745B in transaction volume in February, according to a new review by Dapps’ information and insights platform, D...
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Bitcoin 14/03/21 14:08 by Adrian Klent
Huge Volume Of Buying Pressure Coming Into Bitcoin – Even At $60k
The long-awaited recovery, expected to push Bitcoin to a new all-time high, happened almost exactly as analysts’ predicted. The leading cryptocurrency would hit a new all-time high of $61,800 a...
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Bitcoin 16/02/21 12:00 by Guest Author
The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021: A Comprehensive Review
The interest in Bitcoin is currently at an all-time high, thanks to the cryptocurrency breaking all its previous records by the end of 2020. With the crypto hovering close to the record $50000-mark, i...
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Bitcoin 15/02/21 21:24 by Olivia Brooke
The first Bitcoin exchange website sold over 1500 BTC for a single dollar
As Bitcoin continues to soar in price and global dominance, the crypto-community has made it a tradition to dig up historic data containing the dominant asset’s humble beginnings. A popular Bitcoin...
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Bitcoin 20/01/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Centralized Wealth: The Downside To Institutional Bitcoin Buying
The recent Bitcoin rally to as high as $42,000 has been predominantly been driven by institutional investors suddenly waking up and realizing the asset’s long-term value potential. Buying in now...
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Bitcoin 13/01/21 22:28 by Ponvang Bulus
Ledger Launches Bounty Fund Of 10 BTC Following Data Breach
Hardware wallet producer Ledger has been under heat for the breach of its database which led to the disclosure of over 270,000 of its customers’ data. After an investigation, the company has traced...
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Bitcoin 13/01/21 19:36 by Guest Author
7 open-source bitcoin wallets that you should check out in 2021
While working with cryptocurrencies, it is important to choose the most convenient Bitcoin Wallets. Many users prefer secure and easy to use applications. 2021 will be famous for its wide variety ...
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Crypto 11/01/21 16:09 by Jide Idowu
Vitalik Buterin Proposes Social Wallet to Combat Crypto Theft
As crypto theft continues to be on the rise, there seems to be an imminent need to combat the chaos that faces the crypto market. Vitalik Buterin, the latest to speak about this matter, seems to h...
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Crypto 07/01/21 07:59 by Bernice Nyambura
Coinbase, Square, Kraken Say New FinCEN Proposed Crypto Regulations Would Be Bad for America
Just before Christmas last year, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) rolled out a new proposed regulatory framework aimed at making it easier for the US government to track bitcoin tran...
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Bitcoin 31/12/20 13:41 by Yashu Gola
Fears of Bearish Correction Loom as Bitcoin OTC Deals Plunge
Bitcoin faces the prospects of undergoing a massive downside correction as on-chain data shows a plunge in its over-the-counter deals. According to data fetched by CryptoQuant, the total amount of Bit...
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Bitcoin 24/12/20 12:11 by Yashu Gola
No Reason to Short Bitcoin, On-Chain Analyst Explains Why
Those who plan to short the ongoing bull run must think twice, as per on-chain analyst Kim-Young Ju. The chief executive of CryptoQuant, a data analytics firm, said in a Thursday tweet that traders ha...
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