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BTC to GBP Trading is Live on CoinMetro

Bitcoin 2020/06/29 10:25 by PR DESK
BTC to GBP Trading is Live on CoinMetro

CoinMetro has just launched deposits, withdrawals, and trading with GBP. This brings great news for all the crypto traders and investors based in the UK. Local currency support offers more security and eases the trading process.

Trade BTC to GBP with ease

BTC to GBP currency pair has been long-awaited by many UK-based traders. There are very few exchanges that offer trading directly with pounds. CoinMetro, a fully licensed EU exchange, is now among the shortlist of exchanges offering GBP.  

The new currency pair allows moving in and out of crypto right from your local bank and currency. The process is user-friendly and supports credit cards, bank transfers as well as crypto deposits. BTC to GBP pairs make crypto trading easier and more accessible to traders. Native currency support eliminates the need for additional costly conversions, such as GBP to USD or EUR. From now on, UK customers can now cash out directly to GBP.

Going regional to go global

CoinMetro is focusing on reaching global markets by using a tailored approach. “Save all the hype, the retail side of crypto is still a very under-serviced client segment. CoinMetro is giving the UK a faster and more cost-efficient way of diversifying into this highly sought after asset class. “commented Kevin Murcko, the CEO of CoinMetro. “We are striving to uphold the best service, comply with regulations, then move on to the next region.” 

Adding BTC to GBP to better serve UK-based customers was a milestone for CoinMetro. Yet, it was only one of the first in the list. The exchange aims to expand on a regional basis by adding more currency pairs. CoinMetro is striving to identify the unique customer needs in every region. This will enable offering the right products and services.

Prioritizing excellent service

Trading and investing in crypto is a financial activity. As such, customer service is key. CoinMetro is making sure that the added currency pair comes with top-notch customer service. CoinMetro’s support team is available 24/7 and ready to help traders with any questions about the product. 

CoinMetro has created a tightly-knit community over the years. New traders are welcome to join the community on Telegram. It’s a great source for product discussion and updates and general crypto support.

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