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FaucetHub has closed so here are my 3 favourite faucets that will still run

Crypto 2019/12/09 00:27 by HTT5041

As many readers might know, FaucetHub, the popular micro-wallet used by many cryptocurrency users around the globe is closing down on the 10th of December. Obviously there are many alternatives and some faucet owners will switch to them but nothing will live up to FaucetHub and all of it's features. 

Allcoins.pw favicon

Today I will talk about my personal favourite faucets that are still functional even without FaucetHub’s API. Firstly, Allcoins.pw. By far my favourite site out there and I have been a member for just under two years now and their many features are a big bonus. Here are some of the best features:

  1. They support so many coins and they frequently add more to suit your preference.
  2. They have a command like miner based on XMRig so its fast and reliable and most importantly open-source! XMRig Repo
  3. They have a great levelling system with some good rewards where you can earn your XP points in many ways to evidently earn more!
  4. Their many Games, they have lots of games ranging from mediocre to great in my opinion, one of the best games is called VegaDice and its a provably fair number-rolling game.


If you do not have an account on Allcoins then you are missing out! Sign up at https://allcoins.pw or you can use my Referral Link smiley , also come find me in the chat, my username is HTT5041.

Cointiply favicon

Now for my Second favourite faucet, Cointiply.com. They are a great faucet/offerwall site with many features including a 'coin multiplier' (which sounds like one of those 'free bitcoin generator' scams but it is not) which is a gambling game with a cool GUI that is easy to understand and most importantly play! They also have a loyalty program which boosts the faucet so that if you claim every day you get that little bit extra!

Finally a site that everyone has heard of, freebitco.in. This site is very popular and they also have many features. Their faucet has some of the best rates I have ever seen where you can win up to $200 in Bitcoin. This site has never supported FaucetHub withdrawals however they are a great site that you can use when FaucetHub closes down. Also they have a pretty unique Bitcoin interest system that pays around 0.01% daily. This may not sound a lot at first but when it stacks up from days into weeks and then months you find yourself earning a decent amount for doing nothing.


To conclude, these are my favourite Cryptocurrency sites out there that will continue to run after FaucetHub closes. 


Disclaimer - I am not aiming to inform you of the best faucets with the best rates on the internet and this is because a lot of the small faucets that could be found on FaucetHub will not be as easily advertised due to FaucetHub's closure. The faucets I have mentioned here are some of the most popular faucets with great features.

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