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Crypto 26/11/20 12:09 by Guest Author
Questionable Algorithms Cast Doubt Over Blockchain Analytics Firms
As the blockchain sector continues to break new boundaries and create innovative solutions, more and more analytics firms are cropping up to help analyze crucial data. Being able to review swathes of...
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Altcoins 06/07/20 23:14 by John Kojo Kumi
The Profound Vision of Dash and How It’s Racing with Bitcoin in Adoption Rate
The purpose of Dash goes beyond the primary investible goal of most of the existing cryptocurrencies. The digital asset has amassed so much value from innovative ideas implemented and has met a lot o...
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Bitcoin 12/06/20 14:13 by Guest Author
ArbiSmart Wallet: Earning Bitcoin Safely, up to 45% Returns at Close to Zero Risk
What is automated crypto trading and why is it so popular? Algorithmic trading, also known as autotrading is the use of an automated system, which is pre-programmed with instructions for executing tra...
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Crypto 30/04/20 21:44 by Guest Author
Trust Capital RJV12, scam, or revolution in trading?
Previously, we published material about ...
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Crypto 29/04/20 08:28 by Guest Author
How to get guaranteed +1095% to a crypto portfolio per year?
There are several ways and techniques to predict the behavior of a particular chart of the exchange rate of an asset, but none of them will give you a 100% guarantee. How can you guarantee a stable i...
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Other 26/04/20 09:25 by Guest Author
Stable +30% monthly during a world crisis
Reporter Ethan A. spoke via video link with the man who changed the world of financial analysis. Our portal has a unique opportunity to take a short interview with one of the most stealthy people of ...
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Altcoins 13/04/20 15:45 by Samuel Wan
This Unintended Side Effect Is Plaguing Bitcoin Cash After Its Halving
Anticipation over the up and coming Bitcoin block reward halving continues to make headlines. But Bitcoin Cash, which forked from the original chain in the middle of 2017, already had its halving on W...
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Other 30/03/20 16:19 by PR DESK
Why Forex Signals are Perfect for Newbie Traders
Does the thought of quitting your 9-5 office job and instead of buying and selling currencies from the comfort of your home sound appealing? Well, for many of it does. However, seasoned investors wil...
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Altcoins 06/12/19 13:07 by Dmitriy Gurkovskiy
Monero Price Analysis for December, 6th – XMR Became Less Volatile
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex After visible fluctuations in the middle of this week, Monero exchange rate reached stability by Friday close to 54.13 USD. From the technical point ...
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Altcoins 01/12/19 21:00 by JP Buntinx
Monero Developers Complete the RandomX Upgrade
The Monero developers have successfully completed another network upgrade. This particular update is of keen interest, as it effectively introduces RandomX as a new algorithm. Some crypto enthusiasts...
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Mining 29/11/19 14:45 by Graham Smith
Photonics Bitcoin Mining Tech Aims to ‘Democratize’ Energy Use
Three researchers have published a paper at Cornell University’s arxiv.org proposing a system called Optical Proof of Work (OPOW) to potentially be employed in Bitcoin mining. According to the p...
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