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Other 19/04/21 10:27 by Mark Hampton
Digitex Releases An All-In-One Spot & Futures Exchange
Digitex LTD, a zero-fee cryptocurrency futures exchange has recently announced the much-awaited launch of its zero-fee spot markets. The exchange is well known for being a high-frequency, futures plat...
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Other 09/09/20 20:30 by Guest Author
DGTX Staking Rewards to Arrive in Q1 2021
Digitex Futures has already made a name for itself in the cryptocurrency space by launching the world’s commission-free BTC futures exchange in July. Since then, it has been growing its user base an...
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Bitcoin 31/07/20 11:00 by Guest Author
Digitex Futures Zero-Fee Bitcoin Futures Exchange Now Open to the Public
Digitex Futures, the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency startup has announced the much-anticipated public launch of its Bitcoin Futures exchange on July 31 following months of extensive testing. Since th...
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Crypto 01/07/20 14:17 by Guest Author
Digitex Futures’ DGTX to Start Trading on KuCoin, Expansion Plan Revealed
Digitex Futures, the commission-free bitcoin futures exchange platform by Digitex Ltd is on its way to achieving a significant milestone by listing its native DGTX exchange token on KuCoin. According ...
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Other 25/05/20 17:00 by Guest Author
Digitex Futures Integrates Chainlink’s On-chain Price Oracles for Added Transparency and Reliability
Digitex Futures, the DGTX token powered, zero-fee cryptocurrency futures trading platform has announced a partnership with Chainlink to integrate the latter’s decentralized Price Reference Contracts...
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Other 27/04/20 18:00 by Thomas Delahunty
Digitex Futures Exchange Opens the Doors to First Traders in Phased Onboarding
Digitex Futures, the zero-fee trading platform that runs on its own DGTX token, has today opened the doors of its mainnet platform. The launch comes as the first step of a phased onboarding approach, ...
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Other 21/11/19 01:47 by Guest Author
Digitex Futures Alpha Testing Is Causing Quite a Stir
Many people in the crypto space had written off Digitex Futures. The company with ambitious plans to remove commissions from bitcoin futures trading failed to deliver on its promises twice. Yet, after...
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