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Other 20/07/21 20:07 by PR DESK
IAGON To Hold Multi-Platform IDO On Tosdis.finance and Occam.fi
Iagon, the first decentralized big data platform, has announced it will be conducting a multi-platform Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Tosdis.finance, and Occam.fi. The IDO will follow the recently ...
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Other 20/07/21 15:17 by Livine Sanchez
Harmony (ONE) Vs. Elrond (EGLD)
Recent years have seen a slew of mainnet launches as platforms seek to find new ways of solving legacy problems. Harmony (ONE) and Elrond (EGLD) are two such projects. They both emerged with the prom...
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Other 15/07/21 19:31 by Thomas Delahunty
DinoSwap Launching: How You Can Farm on Polygon For Attractive Yield
DinoSwap is launching this week, on July 17. It is similar to PancakeSwap but on Polygon, the up-and-coming blockchain protocol with significant user demand. On DinoSwap, users will be able to stake t...
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Other 15/07/21 18:21 by John Faraday
Why DeFi Investors Need Insurance
In the past five years, the crypto market has undergone major revolutionary changes. Among them is the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi). Right now, over $52 billion in cryptocurrency as...
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Other 14/07/21 01:00 by Best Owie
ChainSwap Loses $8 Million In Second Exploit
ChainSwap has experienced another exploit in what has turned out to be a terrifying month for the exchange. The platform which acts as a bridge for assets had succumbed to an exploit earlier this mont...
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Crypto 13/07/21 13:46 by NewsBTC
Jelurida’s Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Ecosystem Is a Great Sign For The Blockchain Universe
There is no denying the fact that mining cryptocurrencies and processing decentralized transactions demand large amounts of energy. As per the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, the total energy consum...
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Other 12/07/21 16:14 by Livine Sanchez
What Is Fueling The Constant Growth Of Binance Smart Chain?
Competition is healthy in any technological industry. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are no exception to this unwritten rule. The growth of Binance Smart Chain throughout 2020 and 2021 has been rema...
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Crypto 12/07/21 12:43 by NewsBTC
Top 11 Marketing Experts in Crypto That Will Help To Take Your Business to the Next Level
What is the difference between a good project and a successful one? Of course, it is the right marketing that allows to create a sustainable demand for the product, generate the inflow of new clients ...
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Altcoins 11/07/21 09:37 by Guest Author
All You Need To Know About The Citrus Gaming Token
The citrus gaming token is going to be one of the most revolutionary crypto-token in recent years. The best thing about this token is it will offer you many USPs with a total supply of 383 million. I...
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Other 10/07/21 19:49 by NewsBTC
Bunicorn set to integrate Chainlink’s VRF to secure its NFT Collectibles’ Randomness for Yield Farmers
Bunicorn, an emerging AMM on Binance Smart Chain announces its readiness to integrate Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This move should help secure its VBUNI NFT Collectibles bringi...
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Crypto 08/07/21 22:36 by Livine Sanchez
Gitcoin Announces Tezos Hackathon Series Following Tezos Integration
Gitcoin is happy to announce the integration of Tezos, one of the leading proof of stake networks into its platform. According to the announcement, this latest integration comes with numerous bene...
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Other 02/07/21 10:21 by NewsBTC
OKExChain Introduces EVM Compatibility and a $50K Hackathon to Go Along with it
OKExChain, a transparent, open-source and truly decentralized ecosystem created by the leading crypto spot and derivatives trading platform OKEx has announced EVM compatibility. EVM, short for Ethereu...
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Other 30/06/21 13:11 by Mark Hampton
Will Humanity Achieve Immortality in the Near Future?
For millennia Immortality has been the greatest dream of humanity. The brightest minds have tried to solve its mysteries, but despite the support of the richest people on Earth, to no avail. Well, at ...
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Other 26/06/21 14:09 by Zex PR Wire
GainPool gathers a world-class team to deliver its unique DeFi project
The company has brought on board an experienced team of developers and thought leaders GainPool, has explained the various steps it has followed to create an outstanding DeFi project. The company ...
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Altcoins 23/06/21 22:21 by Livine Sanchez
Three Low-Risk Ways to Secure New Project Tokens
Over the last few weeks, the cryptocurrency market has shown signs of weakness, with many cryptocurrencies losing considerable value during this time, and investors becoming increasingly wary of inve...
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Crypto 17/06/21 16:19 by NewsBTC
Top 5 Crypto Hottest Launchpads in 2021
Here’s the simple truth about investing in crypto projects: If you could get early in the most promising projects, you’ll win big. However, finding the right projects when they are still i...
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Crypto 17/06/21 12:58 by NewsBTC
What Do Kusama, Polkadot and Your Spare Crypto Holdings Have in Common?
What do Kusama, Polkadot and your spare cryptoasset holdings have in common? Parachain Slot Auctions, that’s what. Kusama and Polkadot which are built on the same architecture, one designed for ...
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Altcoins 16/06/21 17:59 by Livine Sanchez
Moonriver Crowdloan Aims To Bring Ethereum DApps And Services To Kusama
The ongoing evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is accelerating. Polkadot, one of the most anticipated projects in the industry, will soon introduce its parachains to the public. ...
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Other 16/06/21 01:30 by PR DESK
Orion launches AMM solution, Orion Pool: aggregating swap pools and CEXs into one decentralized platform
Orion’s automated market maker (AMM) solution, Orion Pool, is scheduled for launch on June 22. This will make Orion Terminal the only trading portal supporting decentralized access to both swap poo...
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Altcoins 13/06/21 14:40 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Ethereum Co-Founder Reveals Why He Is Incredibly Bullish On Polkadot & Cardano
Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Lorio has revealed he’s a big fan of both Polygon and Cardano and is confident in both their futures on the basis of their creators’ reputations. Having been part o...
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Crypto 10/06/21 21:26 by PR DESK
BullPerks Becomes First Launchpad To Support Many Public Blockchains
BullPerks, a community dedicated Decentralized VC and multi-chain launchpad, has announced its plans to support popular public blockchains by the end of June 2021. BullPerks plans to allow users acc...
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Altcoins 10/06/21 19:34 by David Kariuki
Polygon Goes Next Level; Trumpets $10.5 Million Fund to Bring 1 Million Users to Polygon and Ethereum
Polygon and 0x project will spend $10.5 million to develop an API platform and infrastructure that will help onboard 1 million users to the Polygon and Ethereum networks. The funding will go towar...
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Altcoins 10/06/21 11:51 by Guest Author
Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance gears up for Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker
Incentivization is one of the driving forces to attract participation in a decentralized economy. Pera Finance is an early-stage yield farming protocol that enables traders, liquidity providers, hold...
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Other 09/06/21 18:59 by NewsBTC
BSC Is on Fire: Projects Migrate to a New Ecosystem
Have you ever tried energy drinks like “Burn”, “Red Bull” or “Monster”? Despite the fact that they don’t give you wings they do help to boost productivity whe...
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Other 07/06/21 08:34 by NewsBTC
BullPerks Successfully Ended Private Funding Round Raising $1.8M
BullPerks has successfully completed its private funding round raising $1.8 million. Moreover, Bullperks is the most outstanding Decentralized VC and multi-chain launchpad solution. This project could...
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Other 03/06/21 21:20 by PR DESK
PARSIQ Adds Wayne Lin, Axia8 Ventures CEO As An Advisor
Wayne Lin, CEO at Axia8 Ventures, joins PARSIQ advisory board as another strong advisor. As per the announcement, Lin will serve as the Strategic Advisor to PARSIQ. While commenting on the new po...
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Crypto 03/06/21 08:01 by NewsBTC
OKEx Supports Mina Protocol, the Lightest Blockchain Protocol Ever
The global crypto exchange and derivatives trading platform, OKEx has announced its latest addition to the list of supported blockchain projects. The recent one to make the cut is Mina Protocol, the l...
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Other 27/05/21 12:10 by NewsBTC
Privacy Protection: The Future of DeFi
On April 22, MakerDAO, known as the DeFi world’s ‘central bank’, in partnership with the financial supply chain project Centrifuge, completed the first real-world asset loan in DeFi ...
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Other 26/05/21 16:00 by NewsBTC
Where is Moonbeam going? Situation Overview
Moonbeam is a blockchain project built back in January 2020 as a way to tackle cross-chain interoperability challenges, it is an Ethereum compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. For those who...
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Altcoins 26/05/21 09:59 by NewsBTC
ETH’s Slow Transaction Speed Makes Crypto Users to Choose XinFin
XinFin is a unique cryptocurrency with hybrid blockchain technology opted as a solution for crypto users. Ethereum is the first blockchain platform launched in 2015. It is the chief Altcoin among the ...
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